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About Toggle

Mission & Vision:
The Estria Battle is a national aerosol art competition that honors and advances creativity in the hip-hop arts. The battle was founded in 2007 by graffiti art living legend Estria Miyashiro and arts educator Jason Mateo, with support from Youth Speaks, Inc. Through this art form of messaging, the competition encourages graffiti Writers to communicate social justice issues and empowers communities with spirit and beauty. The battle is a project of the Estria Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Emeryville, CA.

Art in Public inspires our youth and improves our communities. Our extensive work with youth has shown that they long to be recognized for their ideas, creativity and accomplishments. Street art is a visual art form that provides the youth with a way to express their fears, their hopes and their dreams. With proper guidance, this outlaw art has the potential to shift paradigms. Although graffiti Writing is often perceived as vandalism, it remains an art form that requires skill, technique and tremendous commitment to master. Art in Public decorates our cities, attracts people, tells stories, and builds community.  When we provide a safe space for artist to create, we lessen the violence in our streets and provide a positive outlet for our young people.

About The Estria Foundation:
The Estria Foundation is a community-based organization dedicated to lasting systemic and social change. Through workshops, speaking engagements, projects, and events, the foundation is committed to creating Art in Public advocating justice and peace in under-served communities worldwide.

Overall Goals of the Battle:

  1. Promote contemporary, public, visual art as a positive alternative for youth from the hardships of city life.
  2. Build community among hip-hop, urban artists and arts enthusiasts.
  3. Create a forum where artists share messages about life in urban areas, struggles for social justice, and environmental issues.
  4. Help the general public understand graffiti as a subculture and raise awareness of graffiti as an art form.
  5. Generate excitement and inspiration within the urban art subculture.
  6. Showcase the depth of artistic talent involved in urban arts projects.
  7. Encourage today’s public artists to depict positive messages in their work.
  8. Promote gender, sexual, racial and class equality in hip-hop and the visual arts.
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