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The Estria Battle was created in 2007 by globally renowned muralist Estria Miyashiro and arts educator Jason Mateo with support from Youth Speaks, Inc. The battle event has grown exponentially and fills a public park.  It is now known as the Estria Battle Festival, and offers fun, engaging activities over one entire week. The last battle brought more than 6,000 visitors and was the largest of its kind in the United States. Since 2008, the Battle has been a core component of the Life is Living Festival. The Battle has traveled to Harlem, Brooklyn, Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Major hip-hop performers and celebrities have graced its stage including Mos Def, The Coup, Goapele, Questlove, Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli.

In 2013 the Estria Battle Festival will provide Oakland, California with an exciting opportunity to see and engage with the best public artists of today. It has truly become an essential Bay Area event that is core to both the art scene and to the youth and community groups who are involved.

Originally named the Living Word Battle, it was founded by Estria Miyashiro & Jason Mateo over beer. It was  financed and supported by Youth Speaks and Living Word Project and held at EastSide Arts Alliance in Oakland California. The initial concept was Estria inviting artists to battle him.
Winner: Bounce

The event was renamed the Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle and became the cornerstone of the Living Word Festival in deFremery (Little Bobby Hutton) Park in West Oakland. Youth Speaks opened the festival to include numerous other activities.
Winner: Bounce

The Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle traveled to New York City, Chicago, and Honolulu. The Battle Festival was born to include Pecha Kucha Night, an art show at 1AM SF, and the Can Film Festival. It was supported by EastSide Arts Alliance, MTN Colors, Oaksterdam and many others. Living Word Festival changed its name to Life Is Living. In addition to the festival, a custom-painted shoe auction and exhibit with Adidas/ShoeBiz SF. This was the first year the Sunday Paint Jam started.
Oakland Finals First Place: Vogue TDK
Oakland Finals Second Place: Katch One
Oakland judges: Rome, East DF, Estria

NYC 1st place: Doves FC
NYC 2nd place: Aero
NYC 3rd place: Vogue
NYC judges: Mare 139, Doc TC5, Estria
Chicago 1st place: Jash DC4
Chicago 2nd place: Chucho
Chicago judges: Slang Feds, Stef, Heckle X-Men, Rome One, Estria
Honolulu 1st place: Ckaweeks EV
Honolulu 2nd place: Prime
Honolulu judges: Slick, Katch, Estria

Battle held only in Oakland, CA. The festival featured “Rough Sketch” art show at Pueblo Nuevo Gallery, The Can Film Festival at 1AM Gallery, Pecha Kucha at Oaksterdam, and after party at Liege Spirit Lounge.
First Place: Vyal One
Second Place: Jher 451

The Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle traveled to Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Honolulu with the finals in Oakland. The Battle Festival continued with an Art Gallery Exhibition at Betti Ono Gallery, Pecha Kucha Night at Oaksterdam, an after party at Farmer Brown, and the Can Film Festival at Roxie Theatre.
Oakland Finals First Place: Vyal One
Oakland Finals Second Place: Doves TC5
Oakland judges: Rime MSK, Apex BA, Vogue TDK

Brooklyn 1st place: Doves TC5
Brooklyn 2nd place: Meres One
Brooklyn 3rd place: Cern YMI
Brooklyn judges: Keo X-Men, Chino BYI, Estria
Los Angeles 1st place: Woier K2S
Los Angeles 2nd place: Level
Los Angeles 3rd place: Tazrock
Los Angeles judges: Just 195, Codak, Estria
Honolulu 1st place: Katch One
Honolulu 2nd place: Ckaweeks
Honolulu 3rd place: Bieste
Honolulu judges: Prime, Klash, Estria

There were no battles this year.

Battle tentatively set for October 12, 2013. Battle Festival will run from October 4-12. The event is now called simply, Estria Battle, and the festival is the Estria Battle Festival.

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