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Stated Rules
These are the rules of the game. Breaking a rule is grounds for disqualification. Rules may be subject to change prior to battle.

  1. A word will be presented that day, every artist paints the same word
  2. Word must be spelled as agreed at beginning of battle
  3. Artwork must be completed within the agreed upon timeframe. Incomplete pieces will be disqualified
  4. The invited artist is the only person who can paint on that canvas
  5. Artists must use only the colors provided by EB
  6. It is not acceptable to use more paint unless the colors are the same as the ones we pass out
  7. You can bring your own tips
  8. Using photo reference or previously drawn sketches is not allowed
  9. Acceptable: skinny caps, one paint marker, tape
  10. A sketch can be created on the spot
  11. Not acceptable: rollers, paintbrushes, brush paints, and stencils
  12. No promoting of businesses and organizations on your canvas


  1. Canvases are 8′ H x 10′ L, primed
  2. Each artist receives cans of spray paint 
  3. Due to size of canvas, word will not exceed 5 letters
  4. All the painters will have 5 hrs to paint that word and concept
  5. Judges’ decision is final, and cannot be contested by artists
  6. Winners are announced shortly after contestants stop painting

Criteria Used in Selection of Artists

  1. Well rounded skills in lettering, concepts, backgrounds and characters; a solid production artist
  2. Originality of style
  3. Respected as a leader of a style
  4. Great attitude, can be an exemplary role model at all events


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